School Bus Conversion Projects

Tell us a bit about the way the idea to create a bus into a house on wheels came about. If you would like to take a look at our very first bus you will see it here. So, you’ll want to select your bus accordingly. The majority of the bus was left intact, the interior is mainly gutted and refitted. Regardless of what type you’re looking for, we likely have a mini school bus is effective for you. The majority of the moment, a traditional yellow school bus that’s embarked on lemon-hood winds up in a junkyard.

If you perform a bus conversion by yourself, it’s known as a non-professional bus conversion. School bus conversions are usually the largest RVs you can purchase. An amazing school bus conversion is often known as a skooly.

If you want to offer your bus, give us a call and we’ll match you up with a skilled buyer searching for your conveted bus or motor coach. Note that should you do decide to convert a bus into an RV, it may be sensible to seek advice from an insurance professional before starting. School buses are nostalgic for many men and women. They are built to last. Transforming a regular school bus into a house on wheels is a massive project school bus conversions cost no less than a few thousand dollars and require.

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